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Chrissy Teigen Tries To Make Yardwork Look Sexy, Totally Succeeds


chrissy teigen esquire

-Chrissy Teigen does some light chores while wearing lingerie in her new Esquire photo shoot, ’cause that totally makes sense.

-Congrats to Christina Ricci, who just welcomed her first child — a baby boy.

-Is George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin‘s wedding really going to be featured in Vogue? That seems so un-George-like.

-Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds will probably craft each other’s anniversary gifts because god forbid they buy something that isn’t homemade or artisanal.

-Speaking of crafting, can someone please make me Jane Fonda’Ryan Gosling chair? #kthanx

-Sophia Bush has reportedly dumped that Google programmer for her PD Chicago costar. You’d think she’d have learned her lesson about dating costars by now…

-Jennifer Aniston really wants to lose 5 pounds. Let’s all keep her in our prayers, ok?

-Will Arnett and Jimmy Fallon played Karate Piñata last night, which was as funny as it sounds.

-Here’s video of Channing Tatum backflipping out of a helicopter and ripping his pants off on Running Wild With Bear Grylls. I love nature!

-It’s Friday and we all survived. Let’s celebrate by gazing at Idris Elba’s chest.

-Kim Kardashian is releasing a book of her selfies. That’s it, humanity. We gave it a shot but it’s clearly time to pack it in.

-There’s always money in the banana stand: Arrested Development will return for a 5th season on Netflix.

-Mickey Rourke has stopped messing around with his face and he actually looks like a human again!

-If I was a famous person (unimaginable) and wanted to have a baby (even more unimaginable), I certainly wouldn’t be talking about my baby fever in the press.

-The end of this story about Robert Pattinson makes me want to protect him and feed him carrot sticks. That’s not weird, right?

-Ashton Kutcher’s viral content site is accused of plagiarizing from BuzzFeed, which might mark the first time in history that Buzzfeed’s been on the other side of that claim.

-Megan Fox defended Shia LaBeouf following his recent arrest, saying “He’s a brilliant kid.”

-Vulture has ranked all of the dance sequences in the Step Up movies, from worst to best. Clear my calendar!

-The latest Sleepy Hollow trailer includes a Crane/Abbie fist-bump, so I’m happy.

-The year of Miles Teller continues. Here’s the new trailer for Whiplash (which killed at Sundance), and the first trailer for Two Night Stand.

-It got mixed reviews at Sundance, but the trailer for Kristen Stewart’s Guantanamo movie Camp X-Ray is solid.

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