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Jennifer Lopez Strips Down to Her Undies in ‘Parker’ Trailer


-The Parker trailer has landed, which is only newsworthy because Jennifer Lopez gets semi-nekkid in it. (Also, it’s worth watching to hear how Jason Statham pronounces the title. Paaaaahhhka!)

-Kanye West is hesitant to take Kim Kardashian to Paris Fashion Week because he wants to be taken seriously. I think that ship sailed with this.

-It’s really happening. Chris Brown and Rihanna were photographed together at a Jay-Z concert last night, and were later spotted making out.

-Not surprisingly, Chris is telling the press that he is no longer dating Karrueche Tran, saying he doesn’t “want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna.” What a gentleman!

-Ok guys, this Jon Hamm pants thing is becoming a real problem. Someone needs to start a “Better Pants for Hamm” telethon or something.

-Julianne Moore had a bunch of jewellery stolen when her house was broken into. Sadly, the robbers didn’t take her Boston accent.

-Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey reportedly made it through one day of Idol taping without trying to scratch each other’s eyes out. Baby steps!

-I really, really hope Nikki Reed is joking when she says the final Twilight is going to end with a huge choreographed dance number. Is this franchise trying to break some sort of cheezy moments record we’re not aware of?

-Snooki is back to Instagraming, posting pics of herself without makeup.

-Guys, Nick Offerman isn’t really Ron Swanson and you’re hurting his feelings when you expect him to be, mmm-kkkkkk??????

-Speaking of Parks and Rec actors, Amy Poehler has some very funny (but not necessarily true) things to say about Adam Scott.

-Smashed, the Aaron Paul movie I loved during TIFF, has scored distribution. It opens Oct. 26 in Toronto and Montreal, and wider in November.

-30 Rock‘s final season starts tonight, which gave Alec Baldwin an excuse to tweet about how he offered to cut his salary 20% for two more seasons.

-A busload of lucky tourists got an eyeful when they came across David Beckham shooting an underwear ad for H&M.

[I'm heading to Spain (SPAIN!) today, so no blogging again until the middle of next week. Adios!]

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