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Katie Holmes Called Joshua Jackson After Tom Cruise Split

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Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson in "Dawson's Creek." (The WB)

Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson in “Dawson’s Creek.” (The WB)

-Joshua Jackson is fanning the Pacey/Joey ‘shipper flames by revealing that Katie Holmes called him after her divorce.

-The cast of Full House (minus the twins) gathered in LA this weekend to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary. And no celebration is ever complete without lip-synching to NKOTB.

-Being pals with Justin Bieber has its advantages (besides access to an endless supply of hair product). Sean Kingston says the Biebs gave him his $100k chrome-plated Fisker Karma because he was bored with it.

-Sweet! The new Mountain Goats album is streaming here.

-Eric Stonestreet is denying those reports that he’s dating Charlize Theron – in the pretty hilarious way.

-I was chatting with my pal Joan about earlier today: what is it about Jon Hamm that makes it impossible for him to take a good photo? He’s a handsome dude; it shouldn’t be this hard.

-Riddle me this: when Damien Lewis won the Best Actor Emmy last night, did Michael C. Hall mouth “It should be me” during the acceptance speech? (At the 1:07 mark.) That’s the rumour, but I can’t tell.

-Speaking of the Emmys, why does Julie Bowen look like she’s about to shove her tongue down Sofia Vergara‘s throat in every party photo? Not that’d we’d blame her.

-Also, James van der Beek‘s wife wore this to the Emmys. On purpose.

-My love for Aaron Paul is well-documented, but I worry about him. I’m with Lainey on this one — he seems way more into his fiancee than she’s into him. And last night, he was soo over the top. I always flash back to this Bryan Cranston quote about how he worries that Aaron falls too quickly, too deeply.  “He’s that guy. It happened a couple of times, and then the next young lady who he brought around I was like, ‘Take your time.’ And he was like —whispering—  ’I know, I know I’m just crazy about her.’”

-Kanye West’s people have confirmed that there’s a sex tape of him being shopped around. Maybe two.

-This video of Flavor Flav meeting Miley Cyrus and repeatedly calling her Gwen Stefani is amazing.

-Here’s the first official (and very veiny) image of Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine.

-Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis spent another weekend in full PDA mode.

-Beyonce dared to show the tiniest hint of a tummy, so now baby bump watch is on.

-I was highly amused by Billie Joe Armstrong‘s onstage tantrum this weekend, though it’s less amusing now that I know he checked into rehab shortly after.

-Chevy Chase had found new ways to disparage Community. Goodie.

-Aubry Plaza and her male Parks & Rec costars star in a new Wizard of Oz spoof. You have to pay to watch the video (all proceeds go to charity) and judging by these stills, it’s totally worth it.

-Lindsay Lohan is planning to sue her hit-and-run accuser for defamation. It’s cute that she thinks she still has a reputation worth protecting.

-Amy Heckerling has reteamed with her Clueless star Alicia Silverstone for a new movie — and the results look awesome. Finally, a vampire movie that’s intentionally funny!

-Hollywood is going to make Mandy Moore a sitcom star if it kills her. She just landed yet another pilot.

-The trailer for Gus Van Sant‘s Promised Land is out, and it looks great, with Matt Damon playing the anti-Erin Brokovich.

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