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August 11, 2017
by Jen McDonnell

Robert Pattinson Talks Paparazzi and Poop


-In his new GQ cover story,  Robert Pattinson reveals he went to therapy and talked about his extreme efforts to “disappear” after Twilight. He also revealed his deep love for the movie Waterworld and explained something called a “fecal-matter transplant,” if you’re into that sort of thing.

-Meanwhile, Pattinson recently said that he and FKA twigs are “kind of” engaged, but she didn’t look engaged as she toured Ibiza with French male model Brieuc Breitenstein.

-There may be something to Us Weekly’s cover story about Brangelina not divorcing. Sources are now telling E! News that “they are taking a breather and seeing what happens.”

-Celebrities took to Twitter to cheer on Taylor Swift after her testimony in the groping trial.

-Michael Moore’s Broadway show debuted last night, and critics did not approve.

-Gypsy just joined the few Netflix original series to get canceled. On the flip side, GLOW was renewed.

-HBO’s hackers leaked an email from the network, who allegedly offered them $250k.

-I read this epic Friends tweet thread over the weekend about how Rachel/Joey was a much healthier relationship than Rachel/Ross and loved it. Glad to see it’s being widely circulated.

-This is nuts: YA books are being targeted in intense social-media pile-ons — sometimes before anybody’s even read them.

-Ryan Murphy made a “creative pivot” and Sarah Paulson is now the star of American Crime Story’s Katrina, which can only be a good thing.

-Donald Glover’s THR cover is making me not hate millennial pink so much…

-Speaking of great covers, I love this Nylon one with Kirsten Dunst.

-Renée Zellweger and Greg Kinnear play a struggling couple in the new Same Kind of Different As Me trailer.

August 10, 2017
by Jen McDonnell

Taylor Swift Testifies Like a Boss

-On the fourth day of the trial in which a former radio DJ is suing Taylor Swift, claiming her allegations that he groped her butt during a meet-and-greet cost him his job, the singer took the stand to testify — and she was awesome. This asshole should have  just been grateful that all he lost was his job, but instead he decided to try to make some money off of it as if she wasn’t going to own him in court.

-I really, really hate the outfit Marie Claire stuck Emma Stone in on their cover (what’s with that hat?!), but the inside photos are lovely.

-Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are officially parents to a girl, who they (unsurprisingly) named Bodhi Soleil. Oh, and Ian says he’s totally ready for babies because he has kittens.

-This is very sweet: Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris,  Évelyne Brochu, Kristian Bruun and more of the Orphan Black cast and crew praise the importance of the show’s fans, known as the #CloneClub

-Oh my god, Ringer did an oral history of the time a dog ate a heart on One Tree Hill and this might be the best thing I’ve ever read! My favourite part: [Chad Michael Murray declined to comment for this article.]

-Channing Tatum busted some Magic Mike-style moves in a gas station convenience store. Bless him.

-Justin Theroux may not be very fun to live next to. His neighbor filed a complaint about endless barking from the actor’s rescue dogs left isolated for long periods, dropping heavy weights on the floor at 3 AM, and angry outbursts.

-The Crown season 2 trailer is here, if you’re craving some very slow-paced royal drama.

-Britney Spears was visibly shaken up after a man rushed on stage mid-concert. In the video, you can hear her ask, “Is something OK? What’s going on? He’s got a gun?”

-Kylie Jenner‘s makeup brand made $420 million in just 18 months, and it’s only getting bigger.

-Halle Berry says Storm and Wolverine were lovers in the X-Men films. This feels more like head canon/wishful thinking than fact.

-Paris Hilton is gonna have a reality show again? Who wants that? (Speaking of Paris Hilton, I recently listened to a great podcast in which a publicist and a tabloid editor talk about her gossip heyday. The most fascinating thing is that they used to meet for lunch once a week to plan out coverage of starlets…)

-Yass Kween! You can now buy Broad City-branded sex toys.

-With news that Selena Gomez and Elle Fanning are joining Woody Allen’s new project comes this interesting piece on why young stars still want to work with him. They shouldn’t.

-Drew Barrymore‘s interview about wine wasn’t THAT bad. This feels very nit-picky to me. (Or maybe I just have really, really low expectations of celebrities who have their own wine labels.)

-Hollywood is calling this box office season The Summer Of Hell. Really? Cause it seems to me like a lot of small-budget indies are doing just fine.

-Better Things’ Season 2 trailer has arrived. This show kind of fell under the radar but I adored the first season.

-I fully agree with this article. When it comes to TV shows, plot is bullshit.

-Jimmy Kimmel asked Americans to find North Korea…and they pointed at Canada.

-James Corden and Jeffrey Tambor recreated the Brandy/Monica video “That Boy Is Mine” with “The Boyega Is Mine” with John Boyega and it literally made my entire day.


August 9, 2017
by Jen McDonnell

Jennifer Lawrence Opens Up About Her Relationship with Darren Aronofsky


-Since Angelina Jolie went to Vanity Fair, I guess Jennifer Lawrence was the predictable choice for the September cover of Vogue. At least the cover is stunning and the interview is free-wheeling. She talks about the criticism surrounding her character’s lack of agency in Passengers (“I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t spot it”) , her photo hack (“I’m always waiting to get blindsided again”), dating director Darren Aronofsky (“I’ve been in relationships before where I am just confused. And I’m never confused with him.”), and blames crystals for her house flooding.

-Chris Pratt wrote the foreword to Anna Faris‘ new book before they announced their separation.

-I’m side-eyeing everything about Us Weekly since the ownership change, but their new cover story claims people close to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are doubtful they’ll actually go through with the divorce.

-So Chloe Grace Moretz told a story about a male co-star who fat-shamed her on a movie set and now everyone is trying to detective out which project it was. I’m going with If I Stay, ’cause the timeline fits (she said she was 15 at the time while he was in his mid-20s and playing her love interest).

-Oh god. How I Met Your Dad might still happen.

-Jennifer Garner‘s next role sounds very Alias-like, and I’m here for it.

-Katie Holmes will star in an adaptation of The Secret, which actually makes a weird kind of sense. I always felt like people who loved that book were cult-ish, and she has some experience with that.

-Whoa. Who knew Jim Carrey was also an accomplished artist?

-This is eye-opening: an analytics company tried to determine the 20 most popular shows of 2017 based on signals other than traditional ratings (like illegal downloads, social buzz, etc), and the results are crazy. The most popular shows are NOT ones the critics talk about. We’re talking Suits, Pretty Little Liars, Sherlock, Arrow, Gotham and something call The Grand Tour.

- TV ratings are slumping in Canada (I blame myself — I basically stopped watching TV this summer, which surely put a dent in their stats…) But it’s still not as bad as in the U.S.

-The X Files presented at the TCAs and they made sure to address the criticism they received (even from Gillian Anderson) after announcing an all-male writers room. They’ve since hired two female writers and two female directors. They also mentioned that there will only be two mythology episodes, and 8 standalones.

-Rihanna responded to Diplo’s anecdote about that time she called his music a “reggae song at the airport.”

-Lana Wachowski, the Sense8 cast, and the crew honored fans in an emotional thank you video.

-Josh Brolin is jacked — and his Instagram is full of photo proof.

-Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are talking about taking a one-month of silence vow after the baby is born, with no visitors and no phone calls. Gee, they still sound swell.

-Here is Jennifer Lawrence in the terrifying new trailer for Mother!