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Jennifer Aniston Addresses #FreeTheNipple


Jennifer Aniston nipples

-In her new Vogue interview, Jennifer Aniston takes down shamers (“They’re either fat-shaming, or body-shaming, or childless-shaming”), and talks about how Rachel‘s nipples often showed through her shirts on Friends (“I wear a bra, I don’t know what to tell ya!”).

-E! News is riding this “Brangelina may be reconciling” angle HARD.  I wouldn’t expect it from them unless they had some very solid sourcing.

-Look, I believe this story about how Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet aren’t dating despite how much everyone wants them too, but I still enjoyed looking at their cozy beach pictures, ok? Let me live!

-Holy moly, Netflix poached Shonda Rhimes from ABC! It makes sense for her; all of her shows seem to be waning rating-wise on the network, and she’s probably craving the “auteur” label.

-Donald Glover says Atlanta’s second season is “almost ready” and is “better than the first season.”  Thank gawd. The world NEEDS it.

-In celebration of their Helen Mirren cover, Allure has announced it will stop using the phrase “anti-aging.”

-I love that both Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts will not let Jimmy Fallon forget about the time Kidman wanted to date him and he was oblivious.

-Damn, it’s been a terrible summer for stunt accidents. A stuntwoman on Deadpool 2 is dead following a motorcycle accident on the Vancouver set. Ryan Reynolds released a statement about it.

-Speaking of scary stunts, a leaked video from the Mission: Impossible 6 set shows Tom Cruise jumping from one building to another and falling short of his mark, then limping away. I worry for him.

-Wait, so Julianna Margulies‘ terrible, terrible wig on The Good Wife was part of her contract demands? She *wanted* that thing?!

-Gird up: we might have to deal with Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom loving on each other again.

-I don’t even watch Halt & Catch Fire but man, this interview with Mackenzie Davis is great. She doesn’t hesitate to talk about her white-washed role in The Martian, or the “bury your gays” trope in her episode of Black Mirror.

-George Clooney pulled a Terrence Malick and cut all of Josh Brolin’s scenes out of his new movie. But he felt really bad about it!

-Kate Hudson belted out a song while holding a glass of wine at a friend’s house this weekend. I like how normal she looks.

-Taylor Swift cried during the emotional closing arguments of the groping trial, which she has since won. The jury ordered the DJ to pay Swift a symbolic $1 in damages, per her lawsuit request.

-Meanwhile, I really like this take on why Taylor’s unflinching testimony matters.

-Four people in India have been arrested for leaking the fourth episode of this season of Game Of Thrones  – and they have nothing to do with the HBO hack.

-The HBO hackers did, however, leak several episodes of the new Curb Your Enthusiasm.

-I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that the more Game of Thrones speeds everything up, the more they’re just ignoring basic plotting issues.

-Bill Hader pines for Cecily Strong in Steve Martin’s new music video.

-I’m super excited that Amazon is adapting Good Omens (one of my favourite books!). I’m even more excited that they cast Michael Sheen and David Tennant.

-Deadmau5 got married – and ditched the giant mask for the ceremony.

-After making waves with a debut shot entirely on an iPhone, Tangerine director Sean Baker is with The Florida Project, which stars Willem Dafoe as a motel manager who takes a kid who lives there under his wing.

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