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Sophie Turner Denies Using N-Word in Instagram Video


-Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner should not say the n-word. Especially not when there’s a camera pointed at her. But pretty much just never. (She claims she didn’t say it, and says she was actually saying “motherf***er.”)

-Congrats to Zooey Deschanel, who welcomed a baby boy with husband Jacob Pechenik. They gave him a surprisingly non-twee name: Charlie.

-Lil Bow Wow just got caught in a lie about flying on a private plane and this is the best use of the internet ever.

-Lena Dunham blasted Us Weekly for praising her weight loss, since said weight loss was due to a medical issue.

-The trailer for Orange Is The New Black looks intense. I’m really digging the premise of the new season: it all unfolds real time over three days.

-Nicole Kidman was on Ellen today and demonstrated to the world that she does indeed know how to clap.

-Max Landis keeps saying stupid shit and getting called out for it. (The comments on that article made my day.)

-Prince Harry’s buddy Usain Bolt weighed in on Meghan Markle, saying “She’s definitely a nice girl.” We all know that , Usain. Give us the dirt already!

-Planet of the Apes star Estella Warren was arrested for domestic violence over the weekend when she reportedly threw cleaning liquid at her boyfriend during an argument.

-Yesterday, everyone was gushing over Tom Holland‘s performance on Lip Sync Battle , but don’t sleep on his Spider-Man costar Zendaya doing Bruno Mars.

-Simone Biles just gave the best “don’t tell me to smile” clapback ever.

-In yet another example of whitewashing, Shameless’s Zach McGowan has been cast to play Hawaiian native Ben Kanahele in the upcoming film Ni’ihau. Because Hollywood apparently forgot about Jason Momoa?

-Just 13 months after it ended its 15-season run on Fox, American Idol is heading to ABC.  This feels way, way too soon.

-Frequency and No Tomorrow are the first CW shows in years to not make it to a second season. Meanwhile, NBC renewed Taken even though no it basically got no ratings or buzz. I’m guessing this doesn’t bode well for Timeless.

-Richard Simmons is suing the National Enquirer over a “cruel” sex-change story, saying says he has “a legal right to insist that he not be portrayed as someone he is not.”

-Speaking of lawsuits, Demi Moore is being sued over the death of a man who drowned in her pool in 2015.

-Jimmy Kimmel fake apologized for saying all kids should have access to health care.

-Mo Ryan’s Variety piece on Twin Peaks is stunning — even though it doesn’t reveal much about the revival. One interesting tidbit: Showtime chief David Nevins gave Lynch full creative control over the new series, recognizing that interference from the network caused the original series to derail in its second season.

-I got teary watching Anthony Edwards get teary in this video of him talking about Dr. Greene’s death on ER, which aired 15 years ago today.

-The birthday cake Amal Clooney got George is intense!

-Harry Styles is having a busy gossip week: he’s reportedly dating a food blogger and may have just bought a place next to ex Taylor Swift.

-Edge of Tomorrow is getting a sequel with Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise which is great because that’s an underrated action flick that was saddled with a bad name. Not so great? The sequel title is even worse: Live Die Repeat and Repeat.

-Watch Kirsten Dunst trip on weed in the Woodshock trailer.

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