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Selena Gomez and The Weeknd’s Cozy Toronto Date


-Selena Gomez and The Weeknd went to the aquarium and then rented out an entire theatre in downtown Toronto this weekend to see Get Out. Meanwhile, I feel bad asking for extra ketchup sprinkles at the concession stand…

-A very, very pregnant Natalie Portman stars in James Blake’s new music video, which was filmed just days before daughter’s birth.

-Disney’s Beauty and the Beast enchanted the box office, opening to an astonishing $170M in North America and $350M globally. Even more impressively, 72 percent of the opening-day audience was female and 45 percent was under the age of 25. (Personally, I liked it a lot. There were a few moments where I wished Emma Watson was a stronger singer, but it was still lovely.)

-This is a fascinating article on how consent played a much bigger role in the 18th century versions of Beauty and the Beast than it does in the Disney version. Just compare this dinner scene to the movie’s.

-It’s not a good sign when the stars of This Is Us feel the need to defend their season finale.

-Penélope Cruz will play Donatella Versace in Ryan Murphy‘s next American Crime Story installment. Sorry, Gaga.

-After slamming Trump’s budget, John Oliver lightened the mood with dancing zebras.

-Mark Ruffalo being all cute and supportive of his wife is my kryptonite.

-Woody Harrelson says he’s quitting pot because he has spent “just 30 solid years of just partying too f*cking hard.”

-Kim Kardashian detailed the events surrounded her Paris robbery on last night’s episode of KUWTK and it’s really hard to watch.

-Drake‘s new album is getting amazing reviews. I’m going to need more lyrics about drunk-texting JLo before I can judge…

-Now that National Enquirer’s parent company is set to purchase Us Weekly (which will undoubtedly change it drastically), I liked this look back at how it fundamentally changed the game.

-Rose McGowan is going HARD after the hackers who leaked her photos. Good for her.

-Carrie Coon‘s accent in the new Fargo trailer is giving me life.

-The Big Bang Theory will never, ever end.

-Charlize Theron and Javier Bardem play doctors in a war-torn country in the first trailer for The Last Face.

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