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New Beauty and the Beast Trailer


-The new Beauty and the Beast trailer is here to remind us all how weird it’s going to be to watch a live-action lion dude try to charm a young girl. We’re all getting drunk for this one, yes?

-Kim Kardashian may be confusing us about her marital status by removing and then re-adding the “West” name to her social bios, but Kanye West is doubling down by wearing a new ring stacked atop his usual gold band.

-Carrie Fisher‘s urn is shaped like a Prozac pill because even in death, she’s still awesome.

-Meanwhile, Meryl Streep reportedly sang Carrie’s favorite song, “Happy Days Are Here Again,” at the funeral.

-Coachella’s owner says he’s no longer donating to anti-LGBTQ groups. Well jeez, all is forgiven then.

-Kirsten Dunst is finding her TV niche. First she killed it in Fargo, and now she’s signed on to a cool-sounding AMC show produced by George Clooney.

-Ben Affleck was spotted on a lunch date with a mystery blonde. It may mean nothing — but no one told her that.

-If the dialogue in Rogue One sounded a bit hinky, this may be why.

-John Mayer and Dave Chappelle  are friends? Who sing Nirvana covers together? Huh.

-I thought the best thing I could hear about Chad Michael Murray was that he’s writing a romance novel — and then I saw this trailer for his new CMT original series. He’s like the gift that keeps on giving!

-More proof the TV landscape is changing: in 2016, 362 scripted series aired on broadcast TV and not a single episode wound up among the top 50 broadcasts. NOT. ONE.  (An NCIS crossover came closest.)

-Speaking of the business of TV, this is a good take on why the TCA press tour (which just started) still matters.

-The creator of the OJ: Made in America doc was bummed last year when he heard about the FX series. He’s since changed his mind. (My brother and I binged this doc over the holidays. It was so good — until the last episode, where we kept having to pause it and look up what happened on Wikipedia.)

-Wait, are Betty and Veronica together in the new Riverdale? Give me this show NOW!

-Kim Cattrall seduces her way through an Agatha Christie mystery in this Witness for the Prosecution trailer.

-A guy wants to date Britt Robertson so much, he travels from Mars to do it in the new Space Between Us trailer.

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