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Captain America: Civil War – Are You #TeamIronMan or #TeamCap?


-Here’s the final Captain America: Civil War trailer. I kind of feel like I’m going to be siding with Tony Stark over Captain America, and that’s a *weird* feeling for me. Also: hey, Spidey!

-Meanwhile, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Sebastian Stan, Chadwick Boseman and The Russo Brothers participated in a very fun Tumblr Q&A today.

-Vox’s chart explaining the extended Kardashian universe is very helpful. (Sidenote: I almost tried on a very adorable dress last night, until I realized it was from Kendall and Kylie’s label. Hard pass.)

-Sarah Michelle Gellar celebrated the 19th anniversary of Buffy’s premiere with a very sweet post.

-Ryan Gosling is still a perfect human being, just in case you were starting to have doubts.

-How great do Zendaya, Willow Smith and Kiernan Shipka look on the cover of W? Slay, girls!

-Gwen Stefani talked about her divorce, saying Blake Shelton went through “literally the exact same thing.” Oh, so Miranda slept with a nanny too?

-Speaking of the love lives of Voice coaches (damn, that’s a depressing sentence), Adam Levine is going to be a daddy.

-Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively will attend tonight’s Justin Trudeau state dinner so I’m anticipating a lot of hazy Instagram filters will be used.

-Ashton Kutcher gets shirtless and swears a lot in the first trailer for The Ranch, the Netflix comedy he stars in with That 70s Show costar Danny Masterson. Holy crap, is that a laugh track?!

-The Britney Spears I saw in Vegas in May 2014 is clearly not the same one performing today.

-Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck still haven’t filed for divorce, and everyone’s wondering why because they’re clearly not remember BvS’ upcoming release. Come on, guys. Be better at this.

-James Corden forced Will Arnett to explain a picture of him high-fiving Donald Trump. Fair.

-Here’s the first trailer for Andy Samberg‘s movie Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping! It had me as soon as I saw Joan Cusack as his coke snorting mom and Snoop as his dad.

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