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Jennifer Aniston: Not a Mother, Still a Feminist


Jennifer Aniston

-It’s so very rare that I think “f*ck, yeah!’ when listening to Jennifer Aniston talk, but her Today interview was pretty great. “[I haven't] failed some part of my feminism or my being a woman or my worth and my value as a woman because I haven’t birthed a child.”

-Idris Elba is sorry that his fake massive penis freaked everyone out.

-Just in case you need a good cry today: Jessica Alba‘s startup is worth nearly $1 billion.

-The Colbert Report changed its opening credits thanks to Gwen Stefani‘s Emmy screw up.

-Gwen made fun of her mistake in the star-studded singalong during Chelsea Lately’s finale last night.

-Watch the Grey’s Anatomy cast dance it out in this season 10 gag reel.

-Awww. Bryan Cranston‘s neighbors left balloons on his front gate to congratulate him on his Emmy win.

-Meanwhile, Emmy winner Aaron Paul is starring in a new fashion video.

-Chloe Grace Moretz says the piracy of Kick-Ass 2 is why there won’t be a sequel. It has nothing to do with the last movie being terrible, of course.

-Prince Harry is on a cruise in the Mediterranean with his new GF Camilla Thurlow (who has the most British of all British names).

-Apparently, this Instagram post from Karrueche Tran is her apology for mocking Blue Ivy. Meanwhile, a BET producer was suspended because of it.

-French Montana and Khloe Kardashian have broken up, maybe because she found out that E! was paying him to date her.

-Drake took Nicki Minaj on a late night run to a convenience store, and for some reason there’s video of him buying her snacks.

-Also, there’s some talk that Nicki may have faked that wardrobe malfunction at the VMAs.

-I’m guessing these photos of Mariah Carey looking like a single mother are just the beginning.

-Here’s a new clip from The Last Week, starring Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde.

-Rooney Mara helps start a revolution in the new Trash trailer.


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