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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Denies Cameron Diaz Affair


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the new issue of Details

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the new issue of Details. (Photo: Ruth Levy)

-Game of Thrones hottie Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is speaking out about those Cameron Diaz affair rumours, saying his wife got anonymous letters about it.

-Meanwhile, Cameron Diaz went skinny-dipping and the paparazzi caught her because nothing is sacred.

-George Clooney took his new girlfriend on a safari and broke all of our hearts in the process.

-George RR Martin is really hoping that HBO will do a bunch of seasons and buy him some time before he has to finish the book series. This doesn’t bode well.

-Look how grown up the GoT kids have gotten since last season!

-Oh god. Reese Witherspoon is the latest celebrity to try to launch a “lifestyle brand.”

-Anna Kendrick and the Sesame Street crew created a really “absorbing” video.

-Chris Brown‘s mom burst into tears in court when a judge ordered him back to jail until April 23.

-Connor Cruise says his relationship with mom Nicole Kidman is “solid”. I wonder if he’s still a Scientologist?

-Blake Lively is finally back to work in her first role since Gossip Girl. Hubby Ryan Reynolds was spotted visiting her on set this week.

-Jimmy Fallon and Kermit the Frog sang “It’s Not Easy Being Green” for St. Patrick’s Day.

-Mariah Carey celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in a skimpy green bikini. Because obviously.

-A bunch of DVD extras from American Hustle have surfaced, including Jennifer Lawrence’s epic four-minute lipsync and Amy Adams‘ British cry.

-Kanye West has been sentenced to 2 years probation and 250 hours community service stemming from that pap assault at LAX.

-Gwyneth Paltrow made another Life + Times playlist and I don’t hate it, which is very confusing.

-Breaking Bad’s’ Betsy Brandt isn’t letting the fact that the Michael J. Fox show is probably never coming back. She’s already jumped ship, joining the cast of Masters of Sex.

-In his new book, Rob Lowe reveals that he turned down Patrick Dempsey’s role on Grey’s Anatomy.

-Vulture asked four Kickstarters their thoughts about the Veronica Mars movie.

-Speaking of Veronica Mars, I usually agree with Linda Holmes but I think her take is way off on this one. My read was that all of the addiction comments in the movie was about Neptune/PI work, not Logan.

-An American Horror Story writer revealed season 4′s freaky new setting.

-Early reviews of Divergent aren’t exactly glowing.

-Weird. The Pretty Little Liars cast will do a live table read of the season finale, proving that fans of this show will sit through absolutely anything.

-Kate Winslet says she was pumping breast milk during her first ever earthquake yesterday — and she just kept on keeping on.

-I’m digging the trailer for the 3D Peanuts movie.

-Celebrities and fashionista took to Twitter to mourn L’Wren Scott, while the Fug Girls have pulled together a lovely salute to her most famous looks.

-Meanwhile, a report claims Mick Jagger recently broke up with her, and she was reportedly $7 million in debt before her death.

-Avril Lavigne gives up on life, announces a tour with the Backstreet Boys. I’m guessing she won’t be the most recognized Canadian for much longer.

-Last night’s How I Met Your Mother (which I haven’t seen yet but hear was surprisingly great) brought back all of the married cast members’ spouses.

-Lena Dunham appeared on Marc Maron‘s WTF podcast this week, where she said she’s “disgusted” by Woody Allen but won’t indict his work.

-Congrats to Lost star Josh Holloway on the birth of his son, who’s very cutely named Hunter Lee Holloway.

-Here’s footage of Tom Hiddleston singing a song from Disney film The Pirate Fairy because there’s truly nothing he can’t do.

-Patton Oswalt is spoofing True Detective in a promo for his new comedy special.

-I enjoyed this article on the simple pleasures of a show that’s consistently good, like Shameless.

-Is it weird that I really, really want Courtney Love to be the one to find flight 370?

-James Franco says he invented the Oscars selfie years ago…way before Ellen DeGeneres. Bully for him.

-Speaking of Ellen, I’m really hoping all these rumours about her marriage being on the rocks aren’t true. She’s already denied it, but they’re not going away.

-Mark Ruffalo says his Avengers character may get a romance in the next film.

-I’m glad to see Michael Vartan got a new job. Those Alias boys are all doing alright these days.

-This is wild: a Michigan student landed a big TV role in Grimm after a producer came to visit her class and noticed her.

-I love that Keira Knightley spilled red wine on the Chanel wedding dress that she recycles everywhere, and gives zero f*cks.

-Sofia Coppola is in talks to direct a live-action version of The Little Mermaid, which will no doubt ruin my childhood memories.

-Screw Resurrection. Space is airing the French drama The Returned starting on April 19 after Orphan Black. This show wrecked me, guys. WRECKED.

-Ever notice how perfectly centered Wes Anderson scenes are? This supercut proves it.

-Here’s the new trailer for Frank, an off-beat comedy in which Michael Fassbender wears a giant mask over his face.

-I’m loving this new tUnE-yArDs song!

-Yes to this article about Enlisted being the best show you’re not watching.

-The best part about last night’s Dancing with the Stars premiere? We found out there was once a Wonder Years/Full House/Growing Pains love triangle!

-Everyone’s talking about the new trailer for The Maze Runner, which seems kind of Hunger Games-lite to me.

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