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Jennifer Lawrence Talks Fame, Breakups and JLo in Vogue



-The September issue of Vogue has landed, and with it comes a ton of bon mots from cover girl Jennifer Lawrence’s interview, including a joke about her split from Nicolas Hoult, a snippet of a conversation with her BFF, and her story about getting mean-girled by Jennifer Lopez. 

-Speaking of magazine covers, Beyoncé and dead people sell them. Nicki Minaj does not.

-I apologize to your eyeballs in advance, but photos have surfaced of Justin Bieber getting butt-naked with his guitar to serenade his grandma.

-In other retina-assaulting news, Madonna now has grillz.

-The internet is buzzing about how Katy Perry’s new song sounds a lot like Sara Bareilles‘ last single, but Bareilles just wants everyone to chill.

-Nigella Lawson‘s ex-husband continues to be a raging jerkface. While doing a phone interview with the Daily Mail, he put his 18-year-old daughter on the line to read a statement about how Nigella had “abandoned her” since the split.

-Hilarious: recognizing TV’s current obsession with violent dramas, NBC has put together a cable-style promo for the new season of Parks and Recreation.

-Speaking of Parks and Rec, Amy Poehler just landed the lead vocal role in a new Pixar flick.

-I missed last night’s Teen Choice Awards, but I definitely teared up this morning while watching Lea Michele‘s tribute to Cory Monteith. Well done. (Also, she looked great.)

-I’m also sorry that I missed Troian Bellisario’s bitchface when Selena Gomez won.

-It makes me weirdly, inexplicably happy that Pitch Perfect‘s Anna Camp and Skylar Astin are dating IRL. It almost makes up for what she wore last night.

-Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were both at last night’s Teen Choice Awards, but they didn’t walk the red carpet together and were seated separately.  Just rip the band-aid, you two!

-Kerry Washington sang a duet with Jordin Sparks backstage at the TCAs, proving there’s nothing she can’t do.

-Courteney Cox broke her wrist. No worries — she can always put a straw in Big Blue.

-Angelina Jolie doesn’t just give Jennifer Aniston nightmares; she also scares children.

-Jennifer Aniston is denying pregnancy rumours…again.

-Sarah Jessica Parker was supposed to play Gloria Steinem in Lovelace, but all her scenes were left on the cutting room floor.

-Congrats to George Lucas: the Star Wars creator and his wife just had a baby girl.

-I am in love with the neckline of Rachel McAdams’ dress.

-Victoria Beckham tweeted a photo of her decidedly unglamorous vacation spot in Malibu.

-For some reason, I’ve decided that doing this blog,  a daily column for MSN, restaurant reviews, and Amazing Race recaps – not to mention my full-time job — just wasn’t time-consuming enough, so I’m now doing weekly Breaking Bad columns as well. Support my insanity, won’t you?

-Speaking of Breaking Bad, it seems a whole lotta people caught up with it over the summer. Last night’s return scored it’s highest ratings ever with 5.9M viewers. It’s previous high was 2.9M.

-Aaron Paul used to date Samaire Armstrong from The OC. Mind = blown.

-Oh happy day! George Clooney is doing press for The Monuments Men. (The only time I’ve ever side-eyed my Georgie was in 2010 when he said he was refusing to do press for any more films. I’m glad he’s changed his mind. I hate it when we fight…)

-Sweet: Happy Endings star Casey Wilson and New Girls’ June Diane Raphael are developing a new sitcom for ABC.

-The preview clips for Oprah‘s interview with Lindsay Lohan are coming fast and furious. The latest one even includes a comment from Lohan herself, who says “I’m my own worst enemy.”

-Kanye West just bought two ridiculous $1M armoured SUVs. His ego needs protection.

-The trailer for How I Live Now has landed.  Saoirse Ronan FTW!

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