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Pink Kills it at the American Music Awards


-I only watched half of the AMAs (’cause I don’t have to cover this stuff anymore – woot!), but I’m glad I caught Pink’s performance of “Try” before flipping over to The Walking Dead. Wowza!

-Speaking of the AMAs, Nicki Minaj recycled Julie Bowen’s Emmy dress.

-Justin Bieber had a big weekend blowout with Selena Gomez, but then they were spotted looking cuddly again at an AMA afterparty (much to Jenny McCarthy’s chagrin). Kids today!

-So BuzzFeed used my old Robert Pattinson interview in a video supercut proving how much he hates the Twilight franchise (at 0:20 and 1:23). Come on guys, the hate mail was just starting to fade…

-Buzzfeed is also tracking how Kristen Stewart’s enthusiasm has waned during this promo tour.

-Bryan Cranston once watched a man die on the street, and it kind of messed him up.

-I keep forgetting that Garrett Hedlund and Kirsten Dunst are a thing, and yet here they are being all thing-like.

-It’s comforting to know that even famous people have unhealthy attachments to Friday Night Lights and/or Tim Riggins.

-I don’t watch Game of Thrones, but everyone’s got their loinclothes in a bunch over the new promo.

-I refuse to say anything bad about Sarah Michelle Gellar ever because of Buffy, so I’m presenting her new son’s name without comment: Rocky James Prinze.

-Stories about disgruntled journalists on Rihanna‘s press tour grew louder over the weekend,  until eventually someone ended up streaking.

-Kid Cudi lost his custody fight.

-This interview makes me love Jennifer Lawrence even more (and it also convinces me that the Oscars are a sham).

-Scarlett Johansson is now dating some French dude.

-This weekend’s SNL was weaksauce, but I’m really wishing they would have kept in this cut bit about Guy Fieri responding to his NYT review.

-This photo is ripe for Suri’s Burn Book. Are those pants Katie‘s wearing? A skirt? A dress? No wonder Suri is all like “bitch, please!”

-The poster for Ryan Gosling‘s new movie shows him with a brutally beat up face. Still hot.

-Speaking of still hot, here’s Charlize Theron with a shaved head.

-Anne Hathaway has been married 0.03 seconds and already she has baby fever.

-Speaking of fetuses, Evan Rachel Wood insists she’s not baking one in her baby basket.

-James Franco just became even more insufferable: he won second place at the Blogging Awards.

-Wait, Last Resort got canned? But how am I supposed to meet my weekly Scott Speedman quota now?!

-Speaking of TV shows, I hate-watched/recapped Gossip Girl with the MSN crew.

-The trailer for Now You See Me (starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson) is out. I’m intrigued.

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