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Tom Cruise Wears the Lifts, But Katie Holmes Wears the Pants


-When I think of Katie Holmes, I think of the girl blubbering to Dawson about her “weird feelings” and re-reading The Little Mermaid instead of having sex with Pacey, not someone who could ever be called the ‘biggest nightmare in Scientology history.’ Big ups to little Joey Potter!

-Did Katie hint at the upcoming split in a recent interview with Elle?

-Meanwhile, Katie is certainly not hiding from the press. She was spotted out and about with Suri in NYC again, this time at a museum. She’s actually using the paparazzi for protection! Oh, and she just announced that she’ll be showing her clothing line at Fashion Week. I think I’m developing a girl crush…

-The Tom/Katie split is throwing some unexpected sympathy Nicole Kidman’s way.

-Uh-oh. Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez on the rocks? But who will he share his fondue with?!

-Britney Spears looks happy and healthy while celebrating the fourth of July in Hawaii with her fam.

-Ben Affleck also looks happy celebrating the 4th — and underdressed.

-Speaking of underdressed, Lady Gaga wore a bra and velvet cape for a recent coffee run. That seems totally appropriate!

-Seth Meyers may take over as Kelly Ripa‘s fulltime cohost on Live!

-Jessica Simpson is denying false reports she’s launching a bridal line. Stop giving her ideas, false reports!

-Congrats to Matthew McConaughey (or Dallas, as I will be calling him from now on). He’s expecting baby No. 3.

-Gwyneth Paltrow‘s GOOP is promoting a plain white $90 tshirt. But she calls it “essential” so it must be totally worth it.

-A newly redheaded Lindsay Lohan is spending a lot of time with costar/porn star James Deen. Of course she is!

-Tina Fey rapping. That is all.

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