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October 21, 2016
by Jen McDonnell

Shailene Woodley Reveals ”the Truth About My Arrest’


Morton County Sheriff

-Shailene Woodley wrote a first-hand account of her arrest for Time.

-A source tells People that Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer were living “separate lives” before the split, adding “They took turns caring for the kids so they could spend time with their separate group of friends.” Does that mean she has her own version of the p*ssy posse?

-Brad Pitt reportedly didn’t file a response to Angelina Jolie‘s divorce petition because he’s hoping they can work out custody on their own.

-Whoa. Donald Glover will play Lando Calrissian in the untitled 2018 Han Solo Star Wars Story.

-Casting couch alert? Jesse Plemons is joining the cast of girlfriend Kirsten Dunst‘s The Bell Jar movie.

-I LOVE Anne Hathaway‘s new movie Colossal and I’m glad that she’s promoting it hard. But this quote about winning an Oscar is a garbage fire.

-Bryan Cranston says more Breaking Bad stars are coming to Better Call Saul. Damn, does that mean I have to catch up?

-Hilary Swank says she was once offered $9.5 million less than a male costar. Even with the pay gap BS, that seems like a lot.

-Dear Lord, I’m really hoping Amal Clooney’s jeans are part of a Halloween costume. Because I’m not here for floral embroidered flares, y’all.

-This is such a great read on HBO’s Insecure and the way TV networks think about diversity as “risk.”

-Congrats to Benedict Cumberbatch and his wife Sophie Hunter, who are expecting baby No. 2.

-Before we all lose the entire weekend in a Black Mirror binge, here’s a list of all the episodes, ranked.

-I’m way too old to shop at Hot Topic, so I’m gonna need a young ‘un to go buy me this Supergirl hoodie.

-It’s a big trailer day for Amy Adams. She makes first contact in the final promo for Arrival, and breaks Jake Gyllenhaal’s heart in the trailer for Nocturnal Animals (a movie I’m still not sure if I liked or not).

October 20, 2016
by Jen McDonnell

Maddox Reportedly Refused to Attend Reunion With Brad Pitt


-According to Us Weekly, 15-year-old Maddox refused to attend Brad Pitt’s first meeting with the kids since the split, instead opting to stay with Angelina Jolie. E! News seems to be confirming the story, saying that Pitt has now seen the kids twice but Maddox “is mad at his dad and doesn’t want to see him now.”

-Tom Cruise acted out his entire film history in a 9-minute segment with James Corden last night. He looks genuinely nervous at the beginning, which is kind of freaking me out. Tom Cruise feels human emotions?!

-Meanwhile, Cruise has sent Dakota Fanning a birthday gift every single year for the past 10 years.

-According to People, Jennifer Lawrence and director Darren Aronofsky really are dating. Huh.

-Ciara has dropped that $15 million defamation lawsuit against Future because, according to TMZ, she’s doing too well to claim he hurt her career.

-The Television Academy would like to remind Donald Trump that the Emmys aren’t rigged.

-Madonna promised oral sex to Hillary Clinton voters. Seems like a lot of work.

-The Ringer is one of my favourite websites. Lainey is one of my favourite gossip bloggers. So The Ringer’s profile on Lainey is predictably awesome.

-I actually really like the actress who’s playing Ichabod’s new partner on Sleepy Hollow, but there’s no way that show can win back viewers.

-Jude Law’s The Young Pope got a second season before even premiering on American TV. This show looks batshit crazy and I can’t wait.

-This Joss Whedon interview is great, right up until the very last answer when he says “I’m a Buffy/Spike shipper.” I…I need to sit down.

-This is an interesting interview with Ryan Reynolds on how he became so involved in Deadpool’s marketing. He was even cold-calling companies about product placements!

-Rachel McAdams helped This Is Us’ Justin Hartley strip down on Ellen. I like her life.

-Also, Rachel revealed that her costar Benedict Cumberbatch likes his fans, but wishes they’d come up with a less ridiculous name for themselves.

-This is some Laura Ashley madness on Alicia Vikander.

-Goodness, I really like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom and how open she is about her depression.

-Also, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s blooper reel is crazy dirty.

-Is there trouble in paradise between Kanye West and Jay Z?

-Kate McKinnon‘s Ghostbusters outtakes are just what this dreary day needs!

-The Logan trailer is pretty damn good (though Hollywood needs to implement a moratorium on using Johnny Cash‘s “Hurt” in trailers). I’m really hoping this is finally the Wolverine movie Hugh Jackman deserves.

October 19, 2016
by Jen McDonnell

What’s Next For Brangelina’s Custody Agreement?

brangelina wedding

-Brangelina‘s temporary custody agreement ends tomorrow, and sources tell People negotiations remain “strained.” Meanwhile, Angelina and the kids were reportedly interviewed by the FBI on Tuesday.

-Emma Stone kicked her Oscar campaign into high gear by bringing Jennifer Lawrence as her date to a La La Land screening.  Frankly, I think she and Ryan Gosling will have it in the bag if they just recreate this scene on every red carpet for the next couple of months.

-Proving that everyone really does know everyone else in Hollywood, Tobey Maguire was photographed partying with Justin Bieber’s ex Sofia Richie just before his split announcement.

-Meanwhile, Justin Bieber would like fans to express their excitement at his concerts with polite head nods. If you’re *really* feeling it, you can tap your toes. But only if you must.

-Rihanna‘s employee’s  created a pinata of her head for Boss Appreciation Day because they clearly don’t value their personal safety.

-I’m weirdly proud that Robbie Amell and Italia Ricci are big enough stars to get a full spread in Us Weekly devoted to their wedding. I hope they made lots of bank from it. (Too bad the photo of her chowing down on a Big Mac at the reception only made the print edition.)

-Is anyone else noticing that all the superhero shows are bottoming out in the ratings this season? Are we superhero’d out?

-I have questions about Rory in the new Gilmore Girls posters. Mainly, why didn’t they give her a sweater? And why doesn’t she hold objects like a normal human being?

-Ellen Degeneres has laughed off those rumours that she and Portia are getting a divorce in her new People cover story.

-Sarah Jessica Parker says rumours of a feud with Kim Cattrall “confound” and “upset” her.

-Scarlett Johansson is opening a gourmet popcorn shop in Paris. Um, ok.

-Colin Firth joining Emily Blunt in the Mary Poppins reboot sounds kinda perfect.

-Lindsay Lohan wants to help Syrian refugees…by giving them energy drinks. Aw sweetie, Red Bull won’t *actually* give them wings.

-Michael Moore dropped a surprise movie about Trump last night.

-Laura Benanti returned to the Late Show last night with her pitch-perfect Melania impression.

-Meanwhile, Amy Schumer wrote an open letter to Tampa after a bunch of Trump supporters walked out of her show.

-I’m so curious to see if Casey Affleck‘s sexual assault accusations are going to derail his Oscar chances like Nate Parker‘s did. The Magic 8 Ball seems to indicate “not at this time.

-Meanwhile, Birth of a Nation could lose $10M for Fox.

-The first teaser for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is here and it’s pretty damn great. Baby Groot!