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November 20, 2017
by Jen McDonnell

Charlie Rose Suspended Following Sexual Harassment Report

-For the past couple of weeks, there’s been rumblings that multiple newspapers were working on a sexual harassment story about a famous guy with a “nice” reputation that would shock everyone. Is that person Charlie Rose? The Washington Post just revealed that eight women are accusing him of harassing them with nudity, groping and lewd calls — and another publication is reportedly working on a similar story. CBS immediately suspended him following the report, and PBS halted production and distribution of his talk show.

-This story got a bit buried on the weekend but here’s Hilarie Burton and other stars of One Tree Hill detailing showrunner Mark Schwahn‘s harassment of them on set. It’s terrifying.

-E! is investigating Ryan Seacrest over a sexual misconduct claim made by a former wardrobe stylist, which he denies.

-The LA Times has an incredibly detailed report, in which Brett Ratner and Russell Simmons are accused of working together to carry out sexual misconduct. Meanwhile, Terry Crews is offering receipts.

-Jeffrey Tambor is officially exiting Transparent after those sexual harassment allegations. This is a good take: Transparent made the world too woke for Transparent.

-Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner really stepped in it by defending a Girls writer amid his sexual assault claim. Dunham has since apologized for her original statement.  Meanwhile, a writer for Lenny Letter is leaving, citing a what she calls Dunham’s “well-known racism.”

-Meryl Streep recently revealed an incident where she fought off a violent attacker with Cher.

-Natalie Portman on sexual harassment in Hollywood: “I went from thinking I don’t have a story to thinking, Oh wait, I have 100 stories.”

-Marti Noxon is not backing down from her Matthew Weiner comments.

-The news has been rough lately. Let’s all take a break and check out photos from Serena Williams’ over-the-top wedding!

-Not one, but two excellent profiles of Armie Hammer landed today.  There’s Vulture’s, where he explains that he doesn’t get the genius of Call Me By Your Name’s dance scene. And then there’s The Hollywood Reporter’s profile, where he dares bring up Casey Affleck.  (I also really appreciate that THR’s photo shoot features a lot of barefoot shots. I spent the entirety of CMBYN staring at that man’s feet…)

-No one recognized Rita Ora on The Voice in Germany. LOL.

-This Tonight Show skit about auditions starring Jessica Chastain is priceless. “Also, be Wonder Woman!”

-This is a good explainer about why Justice League’s $96M debut is considered a disaster.

-Pink is shooting down those theories that she was cringing during Christina Aguilera‘s Whitney Houston tribute at last night’s AMAs.

-Meanwhile, that was a truly underwhelming red carpet.

-Here’s the new trailer for Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time. I cannot wait!

November 17, 2017
by Jen McDonnell

Gal Gadot Charms in GQ

Gal Gadot GQ Cover

-Have you read Gal Gadot’s GQ profile yet? I wanted to save it until I had time, because it’s a Caity Weaver article and those deserve to be savoured. This one did not disappoint.  From Gal bringing Caity an egg salad sandwich to reluctantly teaching her how to fight, I was thoroughly charmed by all of it.

-Holy moly, Justice League might not even break $100M this weekend. Just a few days ago it was tracking at $110M.

-Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian were married in New Orleans yesterday and guests included Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Tina Knowles, Kelly Rowland, La La Anthony, Colton Haynes, and Anna Wintour. The ceremony sounded amazing. Beauty and the Beast theme! Reception tables named for her Grand Slam titles! Tennis trophies party favors! New Edition performances!

-Jay-Z wrote a NYT op-ed about Meek Mill and the flaws in the criminal justice system. I don’t know why his sentencing didn’t make more waves this week. It’s clearly over the top and there is something shady going on with that judge.

-SNL’s Bill Hader and his wife Maggie Carey have filed for divorce after 11 years of marriage.

-Speaking of splits, Jennifer Hudson ended her relationship of 10 years – and received a protective order against him.

-Another woman on the Transparent set has accused Jeffrey Tambor of sexual harassment. Besides his future on Transparent, I wonder if this is going to affect the new season of Arrested Development.

-Go hug you mom; Nashville has been cancelled (again).

-A second grader took on Lin-Manuel Miranda in Hamilton and founding fathers trivia.

-The only thing I thought about when reading this story of how fashion editors mocked the what Vanity Fair’s new editor-in-chief, Radhika Jones, wore on her first day was “where do *I* find tights with foxes on them?!?” Look at them — they’re spectacular!

-Stephen Colbert pressed Ben Affleck on Hollywood harassment. And yet, no one will ask him about his own brother…

-Mad Men producer Marti Noxon (who also worked on Buffy and UnREAL) cane forward to back writer Kater Gordon‘s sexual harassment claims against Matthew Weiner, calling him an “emotional terrorist“.

-Greg Berlanti reportedly met with CW casts and crews this week amid the Andrew Kreisberg harassment claims. How. Is. He. Not. Fired. Yet.

-This is a good review of Better Things and the struggle to acknowledge that it had its best season yet — with Louis C.K.’s involvement.

-Aubrey Plaza, Judy Greer and more make their Easy debut in the new season 2 trailer.

November 16, 2017
by Jen McDonnell

Jessica Chastain On Hollywood’s Game


-Jessica Chastain is stunning on the cover of Town & Country — and she’s her usual ballsy, outspoken self in the interview. I’m still not convinced that her character in Molly’s Game is all that great (I can’t wait until reviews from female critics land), but I love when she says “I think the industry is beginning to examine itself and how it has perceived female roles. I’m seeing a lot of really interesting discussions, and I do think it’s changing.” But my favourite part is the end, when the male interviewer notes: “Just when I ask if she would like to have children, Chastain says our time speeding around Manhattan is up, and she bids me a cheery farewell.” Ha!

-Speaking of women who give no f*cks in interviews, this one with Shonda Rhimes is a delight!

-While most male comedians have been noticeably quiet on the Louis C.K. front, I appreciated with his pal Sarah Silverman had to say.

-This is a great piece on how late night isn’t equipped to tackle Louis C.K. because the call is coming from inside the house.

-The floodgates, they be open. Sylvester Stallone and his former bodyguard have been accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl in 1986. He has denied it.

-Now Al Fraken? Dammit.

-The CW had time to announces Black Lightning’s premiere date and their show’s winter return dates, but still no confirmation that they’ve fired Andrew Kreisberg? Hmmmm….

-Whoa: Transparent writers are reportedly exploring a season 5 without Jeffrey Tambor.

-Johnny Depp is front and center in the next Fantastic Beasts? Ugh.

-In ‘not all guys are scum’ news, Drake stopped a concert to scold a guy in the crowd: “Yo, stop that shit. If you don’t stop touching girls I’ll come out there and f**k you up…If you don’t stop putting your hands on girls I’m gonna come out there and f**k you up myself.”

-Gillian Anderson gives good Twitter.

-So does Mark Ruffalo.

-I think it’s kind of cute that Prince Harry and Prince William will cameo as stormtroopers in The Last Jedi.

-This is a really good profile on Cardi B. She’s refreshingly candid about how this sudden music success is freaking her out.

-Looking at the last 20 Sexiest Man Alive picks, anyone seeing a problem here?

-Are The Weeknd and Bella Hadid back on?

-Why yes, I WOULD like to watch George Clooney in an adaptation of Catch-22, thankyouverymuch.

-Is Joss Whedon throwing shade at his own movie? He “liked” several tweets criticizing Justice League’s villain. (I honestly don’t think celebrities realize that we can see what they’ve liked on Twitter or Instagram with just one click. It’s baffling.)

-Congrats to Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale, who just welcomed baby No. 2.

-Jenna Fischer gushing about John Krasinski is a lot. Like, it’s almost too much. I wonder how Emily Blunt felt reading her new book?

-Meanwhile, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt‘s new horror movie A Quiet Place is reportedly a near-silent film.