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April 29, 2016
by Jen McDonnell

Wait, Is Taylor Swift in the New X-Men Movie?

-Sophie Turner has reignited rumors that Taylor Swift plays Dazzler in X-Men: Apocalypse.

-Sara Ramirez tweeted cryptic gossip about maybe leaving Grey’s Anatomy and the internet was not happy. I’m surprised people still care that much about this show.

-10 Cloverfield Lane’s Dan Trachtenberg is going to direct an episode of Black Mirror, so that should be terrifyingly good.

-Say what you will about Ryan Reynolds and how he allegedly acts on sets, but this is beyond sweet.

-The Punisher is getting his own Netflix show, starring Jon Bernthal. I haven’t gotten past the first episode of Daredevil S2, but he was ok, I guess?

-This is wonderful: Allison Janney took over a White House press briefing in character as C. J. Cregg from The West Wing.

-Margaret Atwood‘s The Handmaid’s Tale is getting the series treatment on Hulu — starring Elisabeth Moss no less. Perfect casting! (I wish it  wasn’t written and run by a dude, but small victories.)

-I love Kelly Ripa with her gloves off! She brought up Michael Strahan’s divorce on live TV and it was all kinds of cringe-worthy.

-More reports are coming in about how tense things have been between Ripa and Strahan for a while.

-Here’s our first look at Emma Stone as Bille Jean King.

-The Obamas are fake feuding with Prince Harry and the Queen on Twitter and it’s adorable.

-I adore this Vulture article in praise of “middlebrow” TV. As much as I love prestige shows like The Americans, Fargo and People vs OJ Simpson, there’s a reason I still have a bunch of episodes from each of those piling up on my DVR: sometimes they feel like homework. When I get home from a long day at work, 9 times out of 10 I’m hitting up my CW faves first.

-Speaking of my CW faves, I’d totally be down with a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend crossover with The Flash.

-Ohhhh…an oral history of the “Hide and Seek” scene from The OC. Yes, please.

-Jenna Fischer and James Gunn have totally figured out this whole conscious uncoupling thing.

-Kirk Cameron‘s marriage advice is just as terrible as you’d expect.

-Shia LaBeouf left a voicemail apologizing to the guy who got beat up for looking like him.

-Watch Barack and Michelle go on a first date in this adorable trailer for Southside.

April 28, 2016
by Jen McDonnell

Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Family and 40s


-Maybe it’s because I’m getting closer and closer to turning 40, or maybe it’s just because she’s wearing me down, but I really responded to Gwyneth Paltrow‘s new interview in Redbook. (I mean, after I got past her description of GOOP’s new headquarters, which is a repurposed 1920s chicken coop because of course it is…)

-Diane Kruger is bad-mouthing Peter O’Toole, even though (or maybe because?) he’s dead. “You know who wasn’t very pleasant, was Peter O’Toole. It kind of sucked. He’s dead, so I can say that.” Can you, though??

-Blackish’s Tracee Ellis Ross has the best Prince story yet.

-Julianna Marguiles talked to the NYT about The Good Wife’s ending, saying there’s “no amount of money in the world” that would convince her to commit to another 22-episode series. She also refused to comment on Archie Panjabi, saying “It’s all silly gossip, and I don’t want to go there.”

-ABC proves they’re not complete idiots by signing both Viola Davis and Kerry Washington to overall deals to develop new shows.

-Vulture got Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s writers to walk them through season 2′s most memorable jokes.  Sadly, they didn’t cover my favourite: “When you were little, did you think he was handsome and then, like, your crotch got a headache?”

-Whoa. 20th Century Fox just pulled out of their big Hall H presentation at Comic Con — because they’re afraid of trailer piracy. What?! It’s TRAILERS. The whole point of them is to generate buzz/interest. How can that ever be a bad thing? The leaked Deadpool footage basically got that movie made.

-Melissa McCarthy gives good speech.

-Tegan and Sara‘s awesome new video features the equally awesome Mae Whitman and Rachel Antonoff.

-I still haven’t watched season 2 of Catastrophe (but it’s only 6 1/2-hour eps, so I might tackle it this weekend), but I love this article pointing out it’s greatest strength: the characters actually make each other laugh. You never really see that in comedies.

-Ellen tricked Julia Roberts into selling sex toys. Fair.

-Kelly Ripa is making contract negotiation jokes in front of Michael Strahan and he is not amused.
-Guys, there’s a Beyoncé-Jay Z fanfic that’s taking over the internet right now and I wanna blow off my next meeting to read it so bad.

-I really liked this article on the lack of blue collar representation on TV these days.

-Geena Davis and Emma Watson talk feminism in the new issue of Interview.

-This Buzzfeed video about how TV needs to stop killing gay women is very good. (“Why not a gay ghost? Let their spirit live inside a cat.”)

-Alicia Vikander will star as Lara Croft in the next Tomb Raider. Meh. At least it’s not another costume drama.

-Speaking of, Alicia and Dane DeHaan are secret lovers in the first Tulip Fever trailer.

-The new Captain Fantastic trailer left me with lots of ‘what the hell happened with Viggo Mortensen?’ questions.

-Here’s the first trailer for Snowden, in which Nic Cage says things like “find the terrorist in the internet haystack” and Joseph Gordon-Levitt does really weird stuff with his voice.



April 27, 2016
by Jen McDonnell

The Office’s Jim and Pam Reunite

-No, I’m not crying over this John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer reunion. You are!!

-It’s secret wedding day! Joel Kinnaman reveals he secretly wed his girlfriend Cleo Wattenstrom, while Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele say they eloped a while ago.

-Netflix just ordered another season of Wet Hot American Summer, which was met with a collective shrug emoji. I didn’t even finished the last season; I just watched a YouTube supercut of Josh Charles wearing multiple polo shirts and popping his collar, and I was all set.

-Jonathan the Hairdresser is back with Game Of Thrones recaps, which I enjoy more than the show itself.

-This Hamilton/Sweeney Todd mashup that the Hamilton cast did feels like it was made out of my head.

-A Sense 8 actor was booted from Season 2 after clashing with Wachowskis. It’s probably not a good sign that his costars are celebrating over the re-casting.

-Miley. Gurl. That’s not Jupiter.

-Watch Chris Hemsworth talk about Civil War while performing totally casual physical feats.

-Russell Crowe calls out Ryan Gosling and the “Hey Girl” meme in their latest couples therapy session for The Nice Guys.

-This is a great piece on how the official post-baby appearance became a celebrity requirement.

-Jesus. Jessica Alba‘s Honest Company is now responding to allegations about their organic baby food, saying “We are confident this lawsuit will be dismissed.”

-Julia Louis-Dreyfus wants you to know that Veep isn’t a parody.

-Melissa McCarthy says she got sentimental about returning to the Gilmore Girls set.

-I have two friends coming from out of town specifically so we call all watch the Absolutely Fabulous movie together. This trailer reassures me that we won’t be disappointed.