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November 21, 2014
by Jen McDonnell

Madonna Doesn’t Understand the Nipple Hate

madonna on Instagram


-Madonna took a swipe at Instagram’s nudity restrictions — and Kim Kardashian’s butt — in her latest post.

-Thank you, Mark Ruffalo and Jimmy Fallon, for teaching us how to play Musical Beers. I think we all know what we’re doing tonight!

-I’m usually a big fan of Jennifer Aniston showing up at a red carpet in anything but an LBD, but this dress is just bizarre. It’s like a terrible homage to the Varsity Blues’ whipped cream bra.

-I haven’t been fully onboard the Scandal train for a few seasons now (seriously, all of those characters are monsters by this point), but Olivia and Jake’s dance might be the best thing I’ve seen in a while. Kerry’s going back to her Save the Last dance roots!

-Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly “got back” at Martha Stewart by featuring a “jailbird cake” in the latest issue of GOOP. Weak sauce.

-Evan Rachel Wood and Darren Crissspoof of Big feels like a lame retread of 13 Going on 30 — until it takes a dark and hilarious turn at the end.

-Cameron Diaz gets dramatic (and then really giggly) in her new SNL promos.

-Taylor Kitsch hung out with Connie Britton (and possibly his new girlfriend?) last night.

-Ryan Gosling had to get a restraining order against a crazy fan.

-Good news: Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe will return to Parks and Recreation for one episode next season.

-Bad news: Adam Pally is leaving The Mindy Project.

-Beyoncé‘s “Ring Off” has leaked--and refueled those marriage trouble rumors (though she says it’s about her parents).

-The ‘best of 2014′ lists have started to surface. I’m guessing You’re The Worst will be on most of the TV ones (deservedly so).

-Jennifer Garner said lots of good things about raising feminist daughters. I’d expect nothing less from Sidney Bristow.

-This article is truth: Naya Rivera loves the dramaz.

-Some great, thought-provoking articles came out today about what it means to watch The Cosby Show now.

-Ewan McGregor gets all scruffy and serious in the Son of a Gun trailer.

November 20, 2014
by Jen McDonnell

Britney Spears Reads Mean Tweets

-Britney Spears is going to appear in Jimmy Kimmel’s eight edition of Mean Tweets tonight. At least she seems to have a sense of humour about it.

-Kim Kardashian tried to adopt an orphan and the kid very wisely was all “um, thanks but I’m going to take a hard pass.”

-ABC has forbidden Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez from rubbing their butts together during the AMAs. Ass crack is also frowned upon.

-Angelina Jolie isn’t quitting acting just yet. She says she still has “a few more” in her.

-Raven-Symoné wants no part of those rumors that Bill Cosby molested her.

-Meanwhile, Cosby told an AP reporter: “If you want to be serious,” don’t ask me about rape.

-Aidy Bryant‘s great skit about Twitter was cut from last week’s SNL, which I’d be more upset about if the rest of the show wasn’t so funny.

-Meanwhile, James Franco, Martin Freeman and Amy Adams will host in December. Adams‘ ep should be musical and fun, Franco will bring the weird, but I’ve had no time for Freeman since I read this interview.

-The Guardians of the Galaxy blooper reel makes me wish Michael Rooker was still on TWD.

-Oh god. Hollywood wants to make a movie out of Serial, which is such a bad idea.

-Shameless’ Justin Chatwin just joined the cast of Orphan Black, which is wonderful because he’s swell (and so, so pretty).

-In other TV news, Jon Hamm is returning to Parks and Recreation for its final season.

-Congrats to Sean Hayes, who secretly wed Scott Icenogle after 8 years together.

-Keira Knightley is very wisely frightened of Benedict Cumberbatch’s fans.

-The trailer for  Age of Adaline is out, if watching Blake Lively make googly eyes at Harrison Ford is your thing.

-The Pitch Perfect 2 trailer has arrived. I’m not sure why they’d use “Cups” again, but otherwise it’s full of goodness.

November 19, 2014
by Jen McDonnell

Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson Are Pitch Perfect for EW

Anna Kendrick Pitch Perfect 2

-I usually blindly love any magazine cover that features Anna Kendrick, but the shot that EW chose for their Pitch Perfect 2 cover is all kinds of awks, no? It looks like her leg is trying to swallow Rebel Wilson. The shot of them in the club is so much better.

-I’m super underwhelmed by People’s Sexiest Man Alive choice this year (but maybe that’s just because of the ’90s hair he’s sporting on the cover).  But last year was Adam Levine, so I guess there’s a *bit* of course correction happening.

-Meanwhile, Jason Bateman says he’s ticked at not being chosen.

-Also, we’ve suspected it but now sources seem to confirm that Ryan Gosling hasn’t been named People’s Sexiest Man Alive yet because he rejected them multiple times. Is that why Chris Pratt didn’t make it this year?

-Janice Dickinson says Bill Cosby raped her. There was an immediate “but she’s a crazy model jumping on a bandwagon” backlash on Twitter, until someone pointed out that she told Howard Stern a similar story back in 2006. If she’s lying, she’s playing a hell of a long game.

-Here’s the threatening letter Bill Cosby’s new attorney sent to Buzzfeed’s Kate Aurthur, who’s been doing some really good work on this story.

-THR’s actress roundtable this year features Amy Adams, Reese Witherspoon, Patricia Arquette, Laura Dern, Felicity Jones and Hilary Swank. I love Reese’s dress in the photo. I don’t think I’d wear it, but it’s so very *her*.

-Jennifer Lawrence appeared on Elizabeth Banks’ YouTube show, “Ask a Badass,” and is very excited to be the first “lady badass.”

-Anna Wintour knows the Vogue Kim Kardashian/Kanye West cover wasn’t tasteful…and that was her point.

-Meanwhile, here’s a very sanitized view of what it’s like to be Anna’s assistant.

-This is making yesterday’s news of an American Luther adaptation go down easier: BBC America says Idris Elba will film two new hourlong episodes of original Luther next March to air later in 2015.

-For reasons I won’t even try to comprehend, Aubrey Plaza’s basketball team made a fake Burger King commercial.

-It’s cute how Ansel Elgort is trying to make it seem like it ain’t no thing that he’s suddenly swimming in groupies.

-Why is Shailene Woodley gracing one of GQ’s Men Of The Year covers?

-This new Dave Chappelle interview is great (minus the pimp intro). He talks about meeting Rob Ford, and makes some pretty smart comments about Tyler Perry.

-I feel like The 100 is going to be added to my holiday binge-watch list. Every TV critic I follow on Twitter (and I follow a lot of them) won’t stop raving about this season. Can anyone out there second this?

-FKA Twigs says dating Robert Pattinson is “very worth it” despite the Twihard-y haters.

-I’m glad the Foo Fighters’ HBO show is getting lots of critic love. It really is pretty great.

-I like this article about what Tom Hardy’s new TV show says about future of TV and movies.

-The first Cinderella trailer looks ok (mostly because of Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter), but man, Robb Stark’s beard clearly held all of his sexy power.