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February 10, 2016
by Jen McDonnell

Dakota Johnson Denies Relationship Rumours in Marie Claire


-Dakota Johnson looks lovely on the cover of Marie Claire, which totally makes up for the dress she wore to the How to Be Single premiere. In the cover story, she says she’s single and shoots down those relationship rumours surrounding her and Matthew Hitt.

-Speaking of premiere dresses, Jennifer Aniston has rarely topped any of my best dressed lists to begin with, but what the hell happened to her in the last year? Did she get a new stylist? And does that stylist hate her?

-Blair Underwood has signed on to star on one of The Good Wife’s final 9 episodes. That’s all well and good, but I wish they’d remember all the actors they had that just mysteriously disappeared. Remember Taye Diggs? Amanda Peet? The girl who played Robyn?!?

-The Flash ratings hit a 14-month high this week, which is awesome because I was starting to wonder if I should drop that show and last night’s episode totally turned it around. I mean, Barry was still a selfish asshat but whatever.

-Kate Winslet says she won’t boycott the Oscars because she “just couldn’t imagine not being there to support” Leonardo DiCaprio, which is actually pretty damn sweet.

-Guys, Idris Elba may be single! This is not a drill!!!
-People has named Ryan Reynolds The Sexiest Dad Alive. Ok, People. Now you’re just making shit up.

-Meanwhile, Ryan says fell in love with Blake Lively — while on a double date with someone else. Rude!

-AMC made the first four minutes of Sunday’s Walking Dead mid-season premiere available now. I’m not getting sucked back in, I’m not getting sucked back in, I’m not getting sucked back in…

-Aaron Sorkin is adapting To Kill A Mockingbird for Broadway and Twitter reacted accordingly.

-Will Smith is worried that he and Jada may have been a little too hands-off with their parenting style. Gee, ya think?

-Melissa McCarthy raps her favorite Kanye West song in her SNL promos.

-Rory’s best boyfriend is officially returning for the Gilmore Girls reboot. Woot!

-Hayley Atwell just landed the lead in a new ABC legal drama, which doesn’t bode well for Agent Carter’s chances. Yes, it’s not unheard of for an actor to book a pilot when they’re not sure if their existing show will be renewed, but the fact that it’s on the same network makes me think TPTB have already made a decision.

-A film producer spent the afternoon tweeting out terrible descriptions for female characters in scripts, and it was glorious.

-Also glorious: the season 3 trailer for Broad City.

-Wait, so Batman V Superman has to make $1 billion globally to be considered a success? Ruh-roh.

-Tom Hiddleston strips naked in the new trailer for High-Rise and you’re not even paying attention to anything else I’m typing are you so I can just type random words at this point sausages petticoat tupperware pizza dildo ankle

February 9, 2016
by Jen McDonnell

Shailene Woodley in InStyle: ” I Think of My Life as a Pie. My Pie is F–king Fine”


-Shailene Woodley looks fresh-faced and lovely on the new cover of InStyle, in which she describes her dating life using a pretty boss pie metaphor: “I’m very curious to see where my life ends up when it comes to partnership. I always think of my life as a pie. My pie is f–king fine. I’ve got the best pie! It’s so delicious. If you want to add some ice cream and s–t on top, you are welcome to join the party, but you don’t get to take a slice of my pie.”

-In her new Elle story (no, I still haven’t forgiven the terrible cover shot) Brie Larson reveals she hasn’t spoken to her father in 10 years.

-There is no more entertaining Kanye West than Kanye West in full album promotion mode.

-Oh wait — things just took a turn on Kanye’s Twitter feed. I take it all back!

-Scary. According to reports, DMX was found unresponsive by police and resuscitated after nearly dying of a drug overdose last night.

-This is right: Rachel McAdams isn’t hitting the award circuit hard for a win, she’s doing it for momentum. And she’s clearly hired a new stylist. I can’t remember a time she’s had this many fashion hits in a row.

-Oh snap! Ciara just sued Future for $15M for libel and slander.

-Matt Lauer kept trying to get Katie Holmes to talk about Tom Cruise, but she (very diplomatically) shut it all down. Someone needs to give her media trainer a raise.

-This week’s Oscar nominee luncheon photo really drives home the diversity problem.

-This is actually pretty great: Sylvester Stallone asked Creed director Ryan Coogler if he should boycott the Oscars.

-Not going to lie: I really needed these photos of Tom Hardy filming a skinny dipping scene today. Bless you, interwebs!
-Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale (aka – the celeb couple I always forget about but still adore) just welcomed a son.

-Gwyneth Paltrow’s stalker of 17 years(!) sounds crazy af.

-CBS just tapped Byran Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Hannibal) as the showrunner for their Star Trek reboot. Colour me intrigued.

-Samantha Bee‘s new late-night show debuted last night, and critics are loving it. The bit where she gave Jeb Bush the Werner Herzog-style documentary treatment was priceless.

-Toronto narrowly avoided Roosh V‘s MRA meetup (thanks to the badass bitches of the Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club), and now Flight of the Conchords star Jemaine Clement expertly trolled him on Twitter. God, that’s beautiful.

-I love that the internet is now obsessed with guessing who Liam Neeson‘s “incredibly famous” new girlfriend is. Charlize TheronKristen Stewart? Nigella Lawson?  This is more intriguing than the last Taken movie…

-The first trailer for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is out. Sidenote: Zac Efron needs a new agent.


February 8, 2016
by Jen McDonnell

The Good Wife Is Officially Ending

-CBS made the baller move of announcing the end of The Good Wife during a Super Bowl commercial that said “only 9 episodes left” (Eli would be proud). It’s well past its prime, and the showrunners always planned for it to go seven seasons, so good on the network for honouring that. Apparently, the final decision only came down last week.

-Elle magazine put Brie Larson on the cover of their March issue which is all fine and good — except it looks nothing like her. I thought it was Maria Bello at first glance. How does this happen?!

-Meanwhile, Brie totally knows what we’re all saying about her Room costar Jacob Tremblay’s father.

-Taraji P. Henson threw the most glorious shade at Coldplay during the halftime show — and then blamed it on her drunk friends.

-Here’s the first photo from the Gilmore Girls set. Michel!

-Drake and the Grammys can’t seem to agree on whether he’ll be there next week or not.

-Is Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda doing a Drunk History episode? I want this so bad.

-Speaking of Hamilton, this Vine perfectly sums up the halftime show.

-Miley Cyrus bought the house next door to Liam Hemsworth, which is exactly what I would do if I was uber rich and wanted to live with a boy — without having to actually live with a boy.

-Selma Hayek learned the hard way that sometimes when you’re rushed to the hospital from set, the wardrobe department doesn’t have any ER-appropriate options.

-Elton John joined James Corden for a special carpool karaoke segment after the Super Bowl on Sunday — which was rainy but funny. (Love that Elton dropped some Grimes praise!)

-Meanwhile, Corden got Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick and Adam DeVine to recreate sports movie history, including Varsity Blues’ whipped cream bikini.

-I’m not a huge fan of feathered gowns and I’m really, really not a huge fan of Marchesa, but Jada Pinkett-Smith is killing it in this dress.

-Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s bday wish to Seth Green warmed my cold, cold heart.

-In other SMG news, Pivot is airing a Buffy marathon for Valentine’s Day — but only the episodes featuring Buffy and Spike. Hmm, I wonder if they’ll include the one where he tries to brutally rape her?

-Hugh Jackman revealed he’s been treated again for skin cancer.

-Every time I laugh at something Blake Lively posts, an angel loses its wings.

-Olivia Munn shows off her sword skills with Ryan Reynolds. Whoa.

-The first reviews of Deadpool are in — and are generally positive.

-As per usual, a ton of extended movie trailers dropped during the Super Bowl. Here’s the latest for X-Men: Apocalypse (again: whoa, Olivia Munn!), 10 Cloverfield LaneTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (needs more Amell!), Captain America: Civil War, and Independence Day: Resurgence. The one that seems to be getting the most buzz is the new Jason Bourne. I’m not totally sold on the over-the-top tone of this trailer (which seems at odds with what made those first films so unique), but this Q&A Matt Damon did with EW about returning to the franchise is pretty great.