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December 2, 2016
by Jen McDonnell

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Welcome Son

Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher

-Mila Kunis gave birth to her second child with Ashton Kutcher, a boy they named Dimitri Portwood.

-Vanity Fair had Gwyneth Paltrow go undercover as an aesthetician and spray tanner. I kinda love how unimpressed most people were at the reveal.

-Anna Faris says she fell prey to those tabloid relationship rumors about Chris Pratt cheating: “It made me feel incredibly insecure.”

-Meanwhile, Chris Pratt tried to do a card trick on the Graham Norton show — and failed miserably.

-The Gyllenhaal Hall is mesmerizing.

-In a new interview, Mandy Moore reveals that her mother left her father for a woman, and both of her two brothers are gay. “Everyone’s so much happier, richer and more fulfilled being their authentic selves.”

-Amy Schumer will play Barbie in the live-action movie which, for some reason, will be PG.

-Selena Gomez says she unplugged for 90 days, including having no cellphone during that entire time.

-Matthew McConaughey drove some drunk UT students home in a golf cart.

-Emma Stone did Jimmy Fallon‘s ‘Singing Whisper Challenge‘ — and it took her a while to get it.

-Shia LaBeouf is a rapper now? He made a diss track about Drake, Peter Rosenburg and maybe Jean-Claude Van Damme?

-Fox has decided to attend TCAs executive session after all. You’re turn, NBC, ABC and CBS!

-Well, this is disappointing: Joseph Gordon-Levitt had no idea who Edward Snowden was until he played him.

-Kristen Stewart hits the gas (gas, gas) in a new Rolling Stones’ video.

-This is a really sweet interview in which Milo Ventimiglia says he learned a lot from watching Will Smith when he played an extra on Fresh Prince.

-More evidence that DC should have just released footage of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans on the set of Suicide Squad instead of the actual movie.

-God, when Jennifer Lawrence veers away from Dior it makes me so happy.

-The CW superhero crossover was a huge success, so expect way more.

-This is a really great read about how Hollywood needs to take Donald Glover seriously now.

-Here’s the first trailer for HBO’s Big Little Lies, starring Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. Can’t wait!



December 1, 2016
by Jen McDonnell

Jennifer Aniston’s Office Party


-I have a lot of thoughts about EW’s new cover photo, mostly on how I can’t believe TJ Miller nabbed the centre spot instead of Jennifer Aniston, and how embarrassed I am for Courtney B Vance

-Kanye West is reportedly “very happy” to be out of the hospital more than a week after checking in for extreme exhaustion.

-Johnny Depp will finally pay Amber Heard’s divorce settlement. How nice of him.

-This is a really, really good piece about how we need to talk about Casey Affleck. I really want to see Manchester By The Sea, but the sexual assault allegations against him give me pause. It’s the reason I refused to see Birth of a Nation. But Nate Parker got dragged by the media, while no one’s really mentioning Affleck‘s court settlement.

-Andrew Garfield says that if he were stranding on a desert island, he’d want ex-girlfriend Emma Stone with him.

-Mariah Carey packed on the PDA with backup dancer Bryan Tanaka in Hawaii. Is this because she’s trying to get us to watch her new docuseries? ‘Cause it’s totally working!

-Lifetime is doing a Britney Spears/Justin Timberlake biopic, and the actors they cast look terrible. Which means I’m going to watch the crap out of it.

-Amy Sherman-Palladino says in the Gilmore Girls revival, Rory made all those transatlantic flights on points. That’s…not a thing.

-If Katy Perry is preggo (and I doubt she is), this is a weird ass way to announce it.

-Jurassic World 2 director Colin Trevorrow is making sure everyone knows that he’ll be putting Bryce Dallas Howard in practical footwear this time around.

-Chris Pratt is cropping Jennifer Lawrence out of all his photos, which is all kinds of hilarious.

-CW’s crossover week continues. The ratings from Arrow’s excellent 100th episode doubled from last week and beat Supergirl’s crossover.

-The full Hamilton mixtape has dropped!

-James Corden threw food at Jessica Alba and Kate Mara to see if they’d flinch. Spoiler alert: they did.

-Tom Cruise tries to convince us mummies are real in the first footage from The Mummy.

November 30, 2016
by Jen McDonnell

Chris Pratt Opens Up on His Father’s Death


-In his Britsh GQ cover storyChris Pratt talks about his father’s death: “There are wounds that are never going to be totally healed.”

-Also sad: Michelle Williams opens up about raising her daughter without Heath Ledger: ‘It just won’t ever be right’ *sob*

-Mariah Carey eats two things, and only two things: Norwegian salmon and capers. As if that wasn’t perfect enough, the fact that she specifies “Norwegian” puts it over the edge. Bless her.

-Amanda Seyfried is pregnant. Well, well, well.

-Dolly Parton and her goddaughter Miley Cyrus sang ‘Jolene’ on The Voice last night, and it was pretty great.

-Stephen Amell’s reaction to the Arrow cast doing the mannequin challenge is perfection.

-Meanwhile, The Flash part of the crossover delivered the show its largest audience in two years. Which is great because I loved it — mostly because everyone dragged Barry.

-I haven’t watched Survivor in decades but this is pretty great and inspiring.

-Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley is looking nothing like the lonely boy we all remember.

-Jennifer Aniston explained to Ellen why she wrote that anti-tabloid op-ed, saying she was fed up by “disgustingly objectifying” paparazzi photos. Ok…but…wait…what?!

-Erika Christensen introducing her Parenthood TV husband to her new daughter is giving me all the feels.

-Speaking of Parenthood-y feels, did you watch This Is Us’ touching Jack/Randall push-up scene last night? The cast recreated it IRL — and it’s way hotter.

-This is a great piece on how all the major broadcast networks (except the CW) opting out of the TCAs’ exec sessions proves they’re in more trouble than we realized. This is my favourite part: “[Being a broadcast network] doesn’t mean you automatically get the biggest piece of the pie, viewers and ratings-wise. Americans are absolutely bloated with pie. They may stick a finger in yours and have a tiny taste but they are never, ever – and this is important so pay attention – going to put all their forks down and just eat your pie every week.”

-In case you missed Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s Drunk History episode last night (shame!) here’s the best parts – in gif form.

-Meanwhile, here is Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s musical about millennials.

-I’ve been wanting Jennifer Lawrence to ditch Dior forever, but I actually like this look from Maria Grazia Chiuri’s first collection.

-Are people seriously body-shaming the woman who plays Tara on The Walking Dead? She just had a baby! And even if she didn’t, that’s still gross.

-Cher, Mark Ruffalo, and more celebrities ring the alarm about global warming in the trailer for the new documentary In This Climate.

-Megan Markle’s new movie trailer suddenly has a lot more people interested in it. I wonder why?